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International Trade Articles

How Americans Often Lose in International Negotiations
4/14/2014 - by Becky DeStigter
Many companies around the world have learned how to do business with Americans. And in many instances, they have learned how to take advantage of common American business traits that make us vulnerable. Here are ways to counteract some of the most common techniques.
Utilizing Chambers of Commerce and Trade Consulates to Help Minimize International Trade Risk
4/7/2014 - by Roberto Bergami
Chambers of commerce and trade consulates share roles in common such as networking and business-matching functions. They are able to put people in touch with each other and also find sellers and suppliers to assist in the generation of business activities. Probably the best things about working through these bodies are the facts that they already have a network of industry contacts that have been filtered to varying degrees. This accelerates your efforts in finding a potential seller or buyer. As we all know, time is critical in business.
When a Mouse is an Elephant
3/31/2014 - by Roy Becker
Many exporters become frustrated by a bank's nit-picky examination of documents. But a bank has an obligation to pay under the letter of credit only if the beneficiary presents documents that comply with the terms of the letter of credit. What may look like a small discrepancy to the exporter may seem like a large discrepancy to the importer.
Canada, the Enigma to the North
3/24/2014 - by John Goodrich
At 5,525 miles, the U.S.-Canadian border is the longest peaceful frontier in the world. Despite that impressive statistic, Canada remains an enigma for many U.S. business people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are more than 300,000 companies that export from the U.S. Canada is the United States' single largest trading partner with annual goods and services trade of about $1 trillion. With such an important export market at our doorstep it is a wonder how little the average U.S. exporter really knows about Canada; present company included.
Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air
3/17/2014 - by Robert Smith
According to current estimates, global manufacturers produce more than four billion lithium batteries every year. We use them extensively in all facets of our lives, and I personally can't imagine living without some of the gadgets they power. Correctly shipping these pervasive energy sources, especially by air, is becoming more complicated and often overlooked by shippers.
Ready or Not, Myanmar Enters the Global Arena—Part 1: An Introduction
3/10/2014 - by Prema Nakra
Myanmar sits at the crossroads of Asia's great civilizations of India and China, but the country was largely isolated because of four decades of communist rule. Myanmar's recent opening up means that for the first time in more than 50 years foreign government officials, businesses and tourists have an opportunity to visit and explore the country without censorship or restrictions. This article, the first in a series of three, discusses the progress made by Myanmar to become a part of the global economy and the challenges that international businesses will face.
Localizing Your Products for International Markets
3/3/2014 - by Becky DeStigter
Localizing products or services means that your company makes changes to its offering in order to be able to sell more in another geographic market. There is not a product or service in the world that can be sold universally without at least some localization. How much localization is required, and whether or not it is worth doing, requires an evaluation of your products and the international markets you wish to sell to.
International Trade Risk: Assessing Banks and Bank Risk
2/24/2014 - by Roberto Bergami
This is the seventh part in my series of articles on assessing risk in international trade. In the last two article of this series I concentrated on the issue of country competitiveness and fairness of trade. In this article I will discuss the role banks play in international trade and the potential risks you should be aware of.

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